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A Ready-To-Move-In Self-Storage Facility In Richfield

Do you need to rent a self storage unit in Central Utah? Look no further than C & L Storage. Whether it is a short-term or long-term storage, you can count on us to keep all your possessions safe for as long as you want.

Self storage unit

Small Self Storage Units

5x5 (25 sq ft.)

This unit yields you a good 25 square feet of extra space. Like a walk-in closet, the storage comes in handy to keep your seasonal supplies, boxes of archives at the office, and many miscellaneous items.

5x10 (50 sq ft.)

Like a mid-size room, it is excellent for all your temporary storage needs. When remodeling or decluttering, you can keep all your belongings here instead of jamming walkways and other rooms.

Medium Self Storage Units

10x10 (100 sq ft.)

This unit can hold the contents of your entire living room plus two bedrooms while ensuring space for convenient movement inside.

10x15 (150 sq ft.)

Now, this can solve some major storage worries! Ideal for your sizable items such as pianos, larger electronics, couches, and table sets, this unit can hold the contents of three large bedrooms.

10x20 (200 sq ft.)

The bigger the better! This unit can hold up to five bedrooms, including large items such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers, easily with this self-storage unit. 

Large Self Storage Units

10x25 (250 sq ft.)

When moving out of a large home, there can be a lot to handle. Unload your burden here! This unit size can hold all your belongings from up to a six-bedroom house.

10x30 (300 sq ft.)

Are you looking for a space that can fit your items longer in length? This storage unit is a great deal for you. It can hold your large-size piano, commercial machinery, and other items while leaving ample space for movement!

12x20 (240 sq ft.)

This huge storage can make your home or office move a breeze! Ideal for a 5-7 bedroom house, this space is great for storing your entertainment center, large bookshelves, and a lot more!

Gigantic Self Storage Units

12x30 (360 sq ft.)

Equivalent to two sizable garages, the space is perfect for your massive storage needs. You can keep your mid-sized vehicles, commercial machinery, and possessions of all sizes and still have a clear path for easy access.

13x30 (390 sq ft.)

It is the biggest space we have to store your large trucks, RVs, boats, campers, commercial equipment, and anything that is simply too big to go anywhere else. This unit is available at highly competitive rates for both short-term and long-term needs.

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